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Safron Bennett

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My Story

First off, Thank YOU for being here and checking out my page.☺ I am a proud mama of two and absolutely loving my Scentsy biz.

A good friend of mine introduced me to Scentsy a few years ago and well, I absolutely fell in love with these amazing products.
I started by hosting a Scentsy party and earning my join kit and things took off from there! I had to share it, share what had drawn me to come to love all the goodness about these products.
Scent creates memories and also brings back memories.
I want to help people make their house feel like a home, and there is nothing better than a welcoming scent when you walk in.
The friends I've met so far along my Scentsy journey has been an added bonus!💞

Scentsy offers a variety of Products...
Not just Wax and Warmers.
Take a good look through my site and let me know if there's anything I can help you with, I'm here to help spread the wonderful Smells of Scentsy!

I'm always looking for others to become a part of my amazing team, if you're interested in sharing the Scentsy love too, I'd love to be your sponsor and help you get started!

Much Love

My Favourite Scents